Helpful Golden Retriever Training Tips

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Do You Know These Golden Retriever Training Tips?

Training your golden retriever puppy starts almost the second you get home, even if you don’t realize it.

It’s important to instill in them early all of the different behaviors you’ll want from them in the future. Golden retriever training, much like any other breed is full of its ups and downs, but when you get right down to it, you can have a lot of fun teaching your dog.


Golden Retriever Training as a New Puppy

Right away, start your puppy on a routine. If you keep the food and water dishes in the same spot and feed the puppy at the same time, you’re on your way to establishing a good routine for your dog. Place a nice bed in a corner that he can use and establish the times at which he will get up and go to bed.

If you establish routines and help your golden retriever puppy keep them at a young age, you’ll instill in them a sense of security that’s important for a dog so young. They’ll know that no matter how many things change and how many people pick him up and carry him around, things will remain largely the same.

Golden retriever training starts with the basics. You’ll want to teach him the basic correction and praise words right off the bat. Use the same words every time or you won’t be as effective when you use them. “Yay” is a popular praise word while “No” is a classic correction word.

Crate training is vital for young dogs. Golden retrievers love their own private space. It’s often how they get comfortable and sleep and a crate can be their own private space. It’s important to get them used to the crate at a young age too so they can stay calm when you crate them for trips or outings in their adulthood.

Housebreaking is the next step and one that should start with golden retriever training right away if nothing else to acclimate him to his particular spot for going. However, at such a young age, a puppy is not capable of such control and shouldn’t be expected to quite get it. Train them early, but don’t expect perfect results until the 4-6 month phase.

Golden Retriever Training as Growing Puppy

When your golden retriever gets to be around 5-6 months of age, you can begin training it in the ways of simple commands. Start with the basics, such as sit, lie down, and come. Also start interacting with strangers and other dogs early, usually right after the second or third set of shots from the vet.


You can start teaching fetch and bring it games at this age, but remember to teach them to drop the ball on command. There are dozens of games that at this age or so, your puppy should be able to pick up. The fun that is a golden retriever begins to become clear and if you’re really lucky, they’ll be housebroken by then.

Keep up the training and at the 10 month mark you should be able to start training your dog to do just about anything. Considered the ideal training age, golden retrievers especially do a great job with any retrieval or active sports. Be creative and see what your dog is capable of.

Golden Retriever Training in Adulthood

Despite what they say, you can keep training your dog well into adulthood. Simply knowing how to sit and come are great for a puppy, but as an adult, you can train your golden retriever to run obstacle courses, play hide and seek and nearly anything else you can think of.